Auburn Christmas sales beat national numbers

Auburn Christmas sales numbers beat national average

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Sales at stores around the nation have fallen for the third week in row as Americans are keeping a tight grip on their wallets during what is traditionally the busiest buying period of the year.

According to a national report, sales are down 3.1 percent from last year, and foot traffic is down 21 percent.

"It does bring in a lot more business, the football team does," say Wrapsody employee, Madison Aulner.

However, business owners in Auburn have not seen a decline in their books this season, and partly because the Tigers are headed to the National Championship.

"Before Christmas we definitely had a hike in sales. We think it has to do with the National Championship coming up. People are coming in, and stocking up on their game day attire, but we did have a lot of Christmas shoppers as well," explains Ellie Boutique Assistant Manager Chelsea Reynolds.

Thanksgiving Day falling later on the calendar this year is one reason to blame for the mediocre December sales numbers around the nation.

Retailers are betting on the after Christmas sales to bridge gap, but locally the Auburn downtown merchants are thankful for their small town community, and Auburn football.

"We have sold a lot more Auburn stuff this year than we did last year. It does reflect so much on the business here, especially of the downtown merchants, because of how well the football team is doing," says Aulner.

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