WTVM 12/28/13 Editorial: Do what the Tigers did

WTVM 12/28/13 Editorial: Do what the Tigers Did

(WTVM) - The Auburn Tigers are bound for glory as they head to the National Championship game on Jan. 6.

Some call it a miracle season, but we think the truth is a lot less flashy than that.

The Tiger's winning season has been delivered in every game this year: Have a plan, work hard, and be ready to capitalize when the situation changes.

Auburn was not a great team at the start, according to nearly every sports expert. They became a great team by learning Coach Gus Malzon's plays and working hard. That is why they grabbed every chance to win.

In school, at work, or at home, we can do what the Tigers did.

Have a plan, which means figure out your goal—big or small. It could be finishing school, finding a better job, being a better parent, or saving money.

Then, work at it.

Auburn players didn't sit around hoping they would win. They practiced, and pushed themselves. That's why they scored on sudden opportunities, like when the Tigers won after grabbing this pass tipped by Georgia, to win that game, or when Chris Davis ran back Alabama's failed field goal attempt to win the Iron Bowl for Auburn.

The 2013 Tigers' team was not just lucky. They were prepared.

It's just like the Roman Philosopher Seneca said: "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

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