Safety tips for New Year's fireworks

Safety tips for New Year's fireworks

(WTVM) - The New Year is only a few days away, and many are expecting fireworks.

Fireworks can cause safety concerns for many people, especially parents.

Wanda Lambs, also known as "the Bang Bang Lady" in the Chattahoochee Valley, gave tips and advice on how to safely use fireworks.

Lamb manages The Fireworks Outlet in Seale, Ala. She said New Year's is the second biggest holiday for the store's firework sales after the Fourth of July. She says it is important for people to use their common sense.

"Read the label and follow the instruction," Lamb said. "People might think labels are boring, but read it. It can help you avoid harm."

Lamb also advised that people keep fireworks away from children.

Users should always have a water bucket nearby to put out sparklers and other fireworks.

People should not be drinking alcohol while using fireworks to avoid tragedy.

"Also, never purchase fireworks from an unknown source," Lambs said. "Don't make homemade fireworks. That's dangerous."

Lambs said the fireworks sale in New Year's started growing just few years ago. She also said the sales have been doing better overall due to people purchasing them for different reasons.

"Fireworks are being used for many different occasions too," Lambs said. "People are using sky lanterns for anniversaries, funerals and sparklers for wedding, birthday parties. Fireworks are not just for holidays anymore. They are used for many other occasions."

The laws are different in Georgia and Alabama for fireworks. In Georgia, fireworks must stay on the ground, and cannot shoot up or explode. Alabama is more lenient, and most fireworks can be used if they meet the rules set by the consumer product and safety commission.

"You can have fun, but you just have to know what you are doing," Lambs explained.

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