Achieving the most popular New Year's resolution

Achieving the most popular New Year's resolution

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After all the food and drink consumed over the holidays, it's no wonder losing weight is reported to be the most popular New Year's resolution, according to the site.

The most popular resolution also stands as the most difficult one to keep. Losing weight and changing life style to work out three to five days a week is not easy.

Fitness for Women on Moon Rd. in Columbus offers some tips that will help people achieve their New Year's goal.

"Everyone wants to get in shape and lose weight," employee Bridgett Carver said.

Carver works as the gym's personal trainer. She said the gym sees numerous people sign up and fill the space in the beginning of the year. However, large number of people starts dropping out in March and April.

"It makes sense that we get many people in January and February," Carver explained. "New Year's resolution plays a huge part. We also have specials and discounts for new customers. However, many begin to lose their motivation and struggle with time management after a few months."

Carver said losing weight takes time, and exercising is a process. Nutrition is also very important when trying to lose, gain or maintain weight.

"Exercise plays a small part in shaping your body," Carver said. "Nutrition is what really matters. You are what you eat. We give our customers sheets and pamphlets on what foods are considered to be good and bad carbohydrates."

Women only think about cardio when trying to lose weight, but Carver said weight resistant training if just as important.

"Dumbbells and resistant training is what is going to help you develop stronger muscles," Carver said. "Muscles help burn fat, and they help your body stay stronger and healthier."

Keeping food journals, listening to music, reading a book or joining group fitness are great ways to stay motivated throughout the year to attend the gym.

"People often get tired of working out," Carver explained. "It's a good idea to try different things. Listen to your favorite music or read a book when you are cycling. Food journals help you watch what you eat, and meeting new friends in group fitness can help motivate you."

Carver recommended that people try doing squats, lunges, push-ups or sit-ups if they cannot get to their gyms. These simple yet challenging moves can help burn calories.

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