Tiger Rags ready to print and sell winning championship game shirts

A shirt at Tiger Rags hangs up for display.
A shirt at Tiger Rags hangs up for display.

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - With the BCS National Championship Game less than a week away, stores in Auburn have been preparing.

Tiger Rags in Auburn hopes their hallway will be filled with hundreds of people on the night of Monday, Jan. 6 to purchase a winning national championship shirt.

The store has been preparing for the rush for the past month and already has a winning T-shirt design that's ready for the printers.

Jerry Rigby, President of Tiger Rags, and his staff will go to the store near the start of the fourth quarter on the night of the big game. If the Tigers win they are prepared to stay open until the early morning hours, or until everyone who wants a shirt has one.

"Last time we did the national championship, I think I left here about 4:30 a.m. to go home and then we were back about four hours later to reopen. So, we will run a full schedule. Run has hard as we can," says Rigby.

Thanks to Auburn football, Tiger Rags has had an unbelievable sales season that they have never experienced before. They are taking a chance having Auburn winning national championship shirts printed before the game, but that is a chance they are willing to take.

"If they were to lose, we would have to incinerate those shirts at the university. We would be out that amount of money, but it is worth it to know that we can have national championship shirts on the street within ten minutes after the game," says Rigby.

Tiger Rags sold over 2,500 shirts after the 2010 National Championship Game.

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