Stay sane and motivated while achieving your New Year's resolution

People working out in a gym.
People working out in a gym.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's long been known that the most popular New Year's resolutions for Americans are losing weight and staying fit. Some Columbus residents who shared similar resolutions celebrated the first day of the year by hitting the gym.

"My resolution is to be a healthier, better version of me," Stacey Doggett says. "I plan to eat well and work out to keep this goal going. I work out at least five days a week, so I can do it."

"My goal is to eat healthy, and cut back on pizza and ice cream," Ben Kennon says. "However, I do not know if I will be sticking to this goal as long as I want to since I tend to lose motivation as the time goes."

According to the Statistics Brain website, 24 percent of people never succeed and fail on their resolutions every year. About 38 percent of Americans never make New Year's resolutions, and 49 percent of people have infrequent success.

"My resolution is to live my life to the fullest," says Gerald Parker Jr. said. "I want to surround myself with wise and positive people."

Randy Lee, the owner of Snap Fitness in Columbus, shared some tips to help people who want to lose weight in the New Year.

"Make it into a lifestyle," Lee said. "Don't make it into a vanity."

Lee explained that he sees a huge number of old members return to the gym in the beginning of the year, but Lee said the number quickly drops only after a few months.

"Some people are way too excited to have beach bodies," Lee said. "They don't think about the importance of starting out slow, eating well and taking breaks whenever needed."

Approximately 75 percent of people who make resolutions stick to their goal through the first week. However, the number drops to 46 percent only after six months.

Quitting smoking, spending more time with family, falling in love and saving more money are other top resolutions Americans have made for 2014.

Visit the Statistic Brain website to take a look at more New Year's Resolution statistics.

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