Cold weather doesn't stop frozen treat lovers

Cold weather doesn't stop frozen treat lovers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Chattahoochee Valley can expect bitterly cold temperatures to attack the area. However, the chilly weather still does not stop frozen treat lovers.

News Leader 9's Sara Lim visited the Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt shop on Whittlesey Boulevard to see how one of the coolest jobs is weathering through the winter.

"We have not seen a huge fluctuation," said Cherry Berry manager Tish Arrington. "We do see some slow days like any other shops, but winters in Columbus tend to be mild compared to other states. So we have regular customers buy frozen yogurt on daily basis."

Arrington said the shop makes huge profit during summer, but winter time continues to draw in customers as well.

"Frozen yogurts are low fat and healthier than most ice creams," Arrington said. "We also have party rooms and great interiors which attract lot of customers."

Cherry Berry gives out great deals every month to attract new customers.

"We also have private party room for birthday parties and large gathering," Arrington said. "We also cater parties, weddings and deliver to large gathering, which help us out during slow days."

Arrington said it is possible that customers may not crave the frozen treats as much as they would in summer. However, she credits fun atmosphere, special events and deals that always succeed to attract customers.

"Cherry Berry is also in other states as well as different countries," Arrington said. "It's everywhere."

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