Exclusive: Family of Farr Rd. shooting victim speaks out

Family of Farr Rd shooting victim speaks out

COLUMBUS, GA - "They held her at gunpoint, put her in the trunk, set her on fire, shot her six times and I heard she was raped," explains the victim's family.

This is the news the victim's cousin says the New Year brought their family. They claim the victim was a talented rapper who was celebrating the holiday when a rap battle got out of control.

According to a report, Columbus Police found her in a vacant lot on the 900 block of Farr Road with multiple gunshot wounds-- something the family's calling a hateful crime, inhumane crime.

"Y'all wouldn't have done a dog like that," added her mother. "And a human being? Not only that, I'm just concerned about anybody who does stuff like that to anybody."

These orange markings are the only signs left in the lot where her body was found. Columbus police are still investigating the case and the family is urging anyone with information to come forward.

"Over a rap contest? No. Uh uh. Get mad, kick her out, push her out the house or something or cut her off or something. What they did was uncalled for," her cousin quizzes.

Now, family members are banning together in their quest for answers -- fearing the suspects may turn on them.

"Any person that did that to my cousin, ain't no telling what else they'll do," said her cousin. "So, we've got to be careful what we say and what we do."

Relatives tell us, fears aside, they are putting their faith in God to get through this trying time. They tell us they're hopeful police will find who's responsible.

"That they find the person who did it and put them as far under the ground as they can get them," the victim's mother sobs.

Police have not yet confirmed these details. We have reached out to investigators several times with no response. According to the family, the victim is awake and talking.

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