Behind the scenes at the BCS

Behind the scenes at the BCS

PASADENA, CA (WTVM) - Want to know what it takes to put on an event like the BCS National Championship Game?

We got a behind the scenes look of how the BCS Committee prepares to host thousands of people from all over the United States.

It has been a four year process for the BCS and Rose Bowl committees to plan for us to come to California.

More than 800 media outlets have been here in Newport Beach all week sending the latest national championship information to their stations across the U.S.

About 60 volunteers from the committee have helped feed, direct and transport media, keeping them up to date and on time for press conferences and events happening in the area throughout the week.

Smart phone apps have also been developed to keep everyone in the loop.

"We started in 2010 looking at the operation we did for that double hosting year and trying to mirror the operation this year," said Gina Lehe, media director for the BCS and Rose Bowl. "So we've spent the four years preparing and planning for all the logistics and what goes on into planning and staging this major event."

The committee went to the campuses of both Auburn and Florida State the past year making themselves available to answer any questions and concerns anyone traveling to California may have, including the team, band and media.

Hospitality convenience has been their focus.

Officials couldn't tell us a number of how much it costs to put on an event like this, but they did say the amount of hours and hard work put into it probably exceeds that dollar amount.

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