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Salvation Army begins picking up the pieces after thrift store fire

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Volunteers with the Jackson Salvation Army are still picking up the pieces from a devastating fire Friday morning. The blaze ripped through the organization's thrift store on Presto Lane, destroying everything inside.

But they're already bouncing back. Capt. Ken Chapman says the early morning wake-up call brought him news he didn't expect.

"Last week, the block was just lined with cars around here, with people giving end-of-year donations, needing those tax receipts at the end of the year," said Chapman. "And we were probably the fullest we've ever been with donations in this store."

But just as swiftly as the fire destroyed the thrift store, he says the kindness of others equally provided a way for them to continue. The easy part,he says, was securing a warehouse.

Chapman says New Horizon Church International made that decision almost immediately.

"Bishop Crudup has been so kind to allow us to use it. It's the old Sam's building," said Chapman. "It says 'flea market' on it. It'll have our shield on it by the end of the day."

They'll also eventually have a temporary thrift store opened to continue fulfilling the needs of so many in the metro. But to do that, they'll need things to fill it with, and that isn't so easy.

"This community gave us so much at Christmas time, and here we are asking again," said Chapman. "But we're asking not so much because we're in need but because we need to help this community."

If there's a silver lining to this tragedy, Chapman says it's the generosity of others doing for the Salvation Army what the organization itself has done for decades.

"And maybe now we can even do it better," said Chapman. "Sometimes bad things turn out to be really good things in the end. And that's what we trust in god for."

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