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KCTV5 Blog: Life on the road in the NFL Playoffs


We missed an exit for I-70 while driving through St. Louis Thursday. But the cool part about that was driving by the Budweiser plant. Photographer Bill Lindsay and I felt a little like the Griswold family. We also were thirsty, but being the pros that we are....we didn't stop!

We probably saw 15 semi's in ditches and/or jack knifed along the highway. Fortunately the roads were not too bad when we were driving.

I'm starting to understand why people move south after they retire. When we arrived in Indy it's as cold as I have ever been. It was flat out brutal. It reminded me of my cousin Mark's wedding in Chicago during Christmas minus the open bar! IT was COLD! Whoever the dude was that invented dome stadiums, he just made my 2014 Christmas card list.

We've seen several Chiefs fans since we've been here. I sent a couple of beers to a man and his wife from Lee's Summit while we eating dinner last night @ the Slipper Noodle Inn, a blues bar. (we ate back to back meals there since it's 2 blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium.)

After we got done with our live shots inside the stadium last night we were the only people in the building other than security. So Alan Shope and I raced. The 40 yard dash. Just like Leon Sandcastle @ the NFL Combine. I cheated and still lost. BREAKING NEWS: I did not win the genetic lottery. The Race will be shown in it's entirety Sunday morning on the Price Chopper Gameday Show @ 10am. I can say we felt fast, but we weren't.

This morning we sat next to a pair of couples (also Chiefs fans) when we had breakfast @ Café Patachou. Wonderful people and terrific food. I went with the waffle, fruit, large OJ and a side of bacon. (not crispy. I've never understood why people like food that is burned!) Café Patachou claims to have the best breakfast in Indy. I concur. I will be "live" there sunday morning for the Gameday show. We made an executive decision to be indoors since Indy is expected to get several inches of snow.

Access to the Chiefs is restricted to just being able to shoot video of them arriving at their hotel. This is playoff football. The team wants the players and staff locked in. I can't say that I blame them. It's been 20 years and 7 postseason losses since the Chiefs won a playoff game. A loss today and it will be the longest postseason losing streak in NFL history.

But that ain't gonna happen! 24-17 Chiefs. They win a close one.

And one final thing. You will notice something very different, yet familiar when the Chiefs take the field today. I am sworn to secrecy which is why I can't be specific. But I think fans will enjoy this. You'll know it when you see it!

We got back to the hotel a little before midnight local time last night. I had a 6am wakeup call after editing stories in my hotel room that ran this morning on KCTV5. I've got some down time now. I'll be the bald guy napping in the press box! Go Chiefs.

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