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6 ways to avoid dry skin problems this winter

Dr. Ella Amador offers advice to avoid extremely dry skin this winter. Dr. Ella Amador offers advice to avoid extremely dry skin this winter.
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Many health problems are commonly associated with cold weather, such as coughs and the flu, and even hypothermia. But one physical issue that often gets overlooked this time of year is eczema and other itchy, burning skin conditions caused by the dryness in the winter air.

Dr. Ella Amador from MyCare Urgent Care in Columbus stopped by the WTVM studio and offered several tips for avoiding nose bleeds, eczema and extremely dry skin this winter.

1. Avoid turning the thermostat up too high. When the temperature drops outside, it's natural to want to raise it extra high inside. "We want to raise it to a comfortable 74 to 78 degrees," says Amador. However, the added heat can make the air even dryer, creating worse issues for your skin. 

2. Run a humidifier in the room. "The cold weather doesn't permit for good moisture retention in your skin," says Amador. "Kids will have nose bleeds. Your skin would also be dry. So, I generally recommend keeping a humidifier in the room, just in case."

3. Keep showers short and not too hot. Another easy way to get warm is to take a long, hot shower. The heat feels great, but Amador says, "It strips away the natural oils in your skin."

4. Avoid using harsh soaps. Amador says soaps that are heavily scented can be particularly harsh on the skin. A good, mild soap is best for dry, wintry weather.

5. Pat dry instead of rubbing your skin. This can also help retain the skin's natural oils.  

6. Find a good moisturizer. Never underestimate the power of a good lotion or body cream. Amador advises using an unscented lotion liberally after taking a shower or bath.

The winter months do not have to be itchy season. While some of these tips may mean avoiding the usual quick fixes for getting warm, they could also mean that you're able to be more comfortable in your own skin. 

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