Low temperatures could blow out your heating unit

Cold temperatures cause trouble with heating units

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Firing up the furnace to raise the temperature in your home is a necessity in the frigid temperatures.

Bill Bell with Energy Savers says the cold front has blown out heating units around the Chattahoochee Valley.

"Their homes are getting 50 and 40 degrees," explained Bell. "They're ready for the furnace to be turned on quick as possible."

"We're seeing anything from circuit boards go down to vent lines being stopped up and broken. And these can be sometimes just a matter of no heat and sometimes it can be a safety issue."

And with heating units working overtime now, Bell says these issues could get worse.

"They're just running harder than they normally do. So, some of the problems may have existed anyway they just weren't as noticeable. Now, they're just really showing their heads," Bell added.

Another issue that tops the complaint list for Energy Savers is smoking electric heating pumps, but according to Bell that may not be a problem.

"We'd like to let the folks know that if you look out and your see your outdoor unit smoking, a lot of times that's just the steam melting off it and heat pump are supposed to defrost," he warns.

Bell tells us furnace placement plays a role in the potential for problems. No matter the placement or the issue of the unit, he insists they can be prevented through maintenance twice a year.

"These systems should be checked once a year for heating, once a year for cooling. In that, we're doing several things," he advised. "We're enhancing the efficiency by keeping everything clean and running smooth, but we're also making sure things are running safe."

Whether hot or cold, Bell suggests you pay close attention to your thermostats and heating units.

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