Cold front hits shelves at hardware stores

Cold front hits shelves at hardware stores

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The icy conditions have left shelves at local hardware stores bone dry.

Earlier this week, Wynnton Hardware in Columbus completely sold out of heaters and firewood.

The owner of Wynnton Hardware tells us usually these shelves are stocked with at least seven different types of heaters. We went in there Wednesday, and there were none on the shelves but plenty being unloaded.

We caught up with the owner of Wynnton Hardware in Columbus who says the decrease in temperatures has increased his business.

Since Saturday fire wood, kerosene and heaters have been the fastest moving items for the wave of customers. Frank Comer tells us people took to his store trying to keep their homes, families and pets warm in the down right freezing temperatures and selling out several sections in the store.

Comer explains, "We've sold out of our electrical heaters, we've sold out of our kerosene heaters as well. But the fortunate thing for us is that we got a new truck load in this morning. So, we're going to be restocking those shelves full of all kinds of heaters, firewood, starters and kerosene."

Comer anticipates a second rush of sales as the temperatures creep back up.

He says the warmer temperatures will thaw pipes, causing some to burst, and sending people to hardware stores across the valley.