Plumbers: pipes may burst as temperatures rise

Plumbers expecting rise in temperatures to burst pipes
A pipe covered in ice.
A pipe covered in ice.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the ice melts and water is returned to homes and businesses, another problem is presented: busting water pipes.

"We are receiving about 50 percent of our calls today related to no water due to frozen pipes. Those calls are also related to broken pipes," explains Vic Burchfield with Columbus Water Works.

Once a complaint is filed, Burchfield says CWW does their best to cap the problem by temporarily turning off the water. But due to increased call volume, it could take a while to help.

He adds, "Any time we have cold weather like this, especially as severe as it was this time, we do have an increase in those types of calls."

To keep your home dry as the weather heats up, Burchfield recommends paying close attention to the sounds you hear around your pipes.

"Listen out for any unusual sounds in the home because that may be water running somewhere, either under the house or in the crawl space or somewhere in the wall," Burchfield advises.

Columbus Water Works is expecting the pipe problems to increase with the temperatures in the next few days. Because of this, they have several crews on standby to plug problems for the city, homes and businesses. There are some steps you can take to help.

"The first step is to turn off the water. The next step is to listen out as the water thaws and listen for any possible leaks that may occur as that water thaws. And then finally, call the plumber," Burchfield adds.

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