WTVM 1/9/14 Editorial: Quick police work helps solve local crimes

WTVM 1/9/14 Editorial: Quick police work helps solve local crimes

(WTVM) - When crime happens to you it's personal, and all crimes could eventually affect the quality of life for all of us.

Fighting crime can feel like a losing battle but in Columbus, a recent crime spree followed by quick arrests proves that good policing makes a difference.

On New Year's Eve, robbery suspects smashed their way into the offices of Courtesy Shuttle but an owner happened to be inside. He defended his property with a gun, shooting two of the alleged robbers. One suspect died in the shooting.

But a timely interview with the dying suspect and quick police work led to a third arrest and a connection to another high profile robbery at Alley Cat Tattoo Parlor, where a surveillance video captured it all.

These two crimes, and others thought to be related, will be solved by the evidence that Columbus police uncover as they dig into the details.

It's the kind of methodical legwork they do all day, every day often with very little thanks or appreciation.

Columbus police work hard often under dangerous conditions. They may not solve every case, but they are always on duty, so we can sleep.

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