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The benefits of cold weather


Over the last week or so, bitterly cold weather has invaded the Chattahoochee Valley and most of the country, sending many of us running inside.

Some say with a cold snap like what we've been weathering these last few days comes the flu, spiked power bill, and the old wives tales.

"Chicken soup as everyone says, it's good for the soul," said Dr. Elle Amador of My Care Urgent Care Center.

Dr. Amador says she's heard it all. Old wives tales like chicken soup can cure a cold. Dr. Amador claims the medical myth is not completely untrue.

"In relation to Upper Respiratory illnesses, it helps you decongest a little bit," Dr. Amador adds.

Dr. Amador says adults going outside with wet or uncovered hair may not be at risk.

"Not as big as an issue because we are more equipped with thermal regulation," she says.

For other myths like frigid temps slow down the spread of the flu and a lack of allergies in the winter, Dr. Amador is not convinced.

"Georgia in particular, we ranked number five as far as the flu," says Dr. Amador. "Alabama which is our next door neighbor has ranked number one for flu this time of year."

The cold weather is not all bad especially for some local businesses.

"We've dealt with a few calls over the past few days about irrigation systems,"says Greg Allen, Director of Operations for A Cut Above Landscape Mgmt.

Preparation to freezing temperatures pays off in the spring and summer especially when dealing with weeds, according to Allen.

"We like to do preventative maintenance on those. We put a good pre emergent down in mid October- November that helps," Allen says.

Allen claims the cold can also eliminate some weeds by freezing them.  He says taking care of your lawn during the winter months will pay off in the Warmer months.

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