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Politicians worth millions: Which ones serve in GA and AL?

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You may have heard that for the first time in history, more than half the members of congress are millionaires.

The exact number is 268 and several represent Georgia and Alabama.

The wealthiest federal politicians in Alabama and Georgia are US Senators.

Johnny Isakson, who made most of his money in real estate, is worth more than $15 million. That's eight million more than Jeff Sessions, an attorney by trade, whose average worth is $7 million. 

If we told you that only three of the four senators in Alabama and Georgia are millionaires, would you know which one isn't?

Nope, it's not Richard Shelby, who is also an attorney, and worth is $6.3 million.

The correct answer is Saxby Chambliss, whose average worth is $243,000. He stands to make more when he leaves the Senate next January.

The wealthiest member of the U.S. House from Georgia is Tom Price, a doctor worth more than $8 million. Next is Phil Gingery, another doctor who is worth $5 million. Third is John Barrow, whose average net worth is $3.7 million.

Alabama's wealthiest house member is 3rd District Congressman Mike Rogers who is worth $2.5 million

And Finally, Jack Kingston is worth slightly less at $2.4 million.

So maybe it does pay to be a politician.

If you're curious about others from this area, 2nd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is worth $291,000, and Georgia's 3rd District Representative Sanford Bishop has an average net worth of $56,000.

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