Columbus neighborhood sees rash of car break-ins

Columbus neighborhood sees rash of car break-ins

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A rash of car break-ins in one Columbus neighborhood has residents on edge and police looking for clues.

News Leader 9's Tyrone McCoy spoke with one of the victims who lost, among other things, the materials to teach his children's church class.

Barr Street resident, Wes Brock, says "I was just like urg!"

That's all Brock could say when he got the upsetting news from his neighbor early Thursday morning.

"I was awoken by a pound on my door," Brock explained. "My neighbor had come over to inform me that his car had been opened up and stuff stolen out of it."

Moments later he learned that the trunk of his car was open and he rushed to check if anything was missing. He found his laptop, hard drive and the bag they were stored in were gone.

"They actually went through the front door that I had left open because I came in late the night before and just left it," he added. "I didn't think anything about it. And they picked it up and they took it out."

Taking years of videos, music and programs put together for his children's church lessons from the floor board of his car -- a discovery he says comes as a surprise to a man who's been in the area as long as he can remember.

"This is my family's house," he said. "It's been passed down. And I'm living here for five years now and I have never had anybody break in or steal anything."

He was not alone. Police reports show three more car break-ins in the Edgewood community that same day. Brock tells he was little more cautious during the holidays, but since then has let his guard down. He's offers this advice so you don't find yourself in a similar situation.

He advises neighbors to "take stuff out of your car, lock your car up, all valuables inside. Don't leave anything out."

Columbus Police Department is still investigating the break-ins. Reports state there are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

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