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STUDY: Teens who drink alcohol have more friends


The pressure to be cool can cause teens to make rash decisions that could lead to terrible consequences; yet, a recent study says underage drinking may be worth it, for the sake of popularity.

According to researchers Reuters Health, the study reports teens that drink alcohol have more friends.

"Developmentally their minds, their brains and body are not developed enough," says Carly Knowles with Hearts for Families.

Parents and experts say they believe allowing premature drinking is a huge mistake. Georgia Statistics show that in 2011, 37 underage drinkers died in car accidents.

Experts say parents have a major impact on their child's drinking, especially when they're young.

 How to talk to your teen about alcohol:

-Be open to talking about any and everything with your child.

-Control your emotions. If you hear something you don't like, try not to respond with anger.

-Ask your child what they know about alchohol, and what they think about it.

-Try to educate your teen about alchohol without lecturining.

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