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Operation total focus nets 32 arrests


The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan police, supported by FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, CNT and SIP officers conducted 32 arrests, issued 143 citations and recovered two stolen weapons Thursday and Friday nights as part of their Operation Total Focus.

Severe weather led commanding officers to call off the third night of the three-night exercise.

SIP officers visited 64 residents of probationers to assure they were complying with all regulations, conducted 13 checks on sex offenders, assisted patrol officers, served one warrant and performed one drug screen, as well as seized 17 grams of marijuana.

Three convicted felons were arrested Thursday night as they were noticed studying two different convenient stores and finally confronted at a third.

Officers found marijuana, gloves and a stolen firearm. Another man was  arrested early Friday morning with a stolen pistol.

 "The idea of Total Focus is to prevent crime," said Maj. Richard Zapal, commander of the operation, in a statement. "We do this by finding those who have been charged with crimes and getting them off the streets and presenting a presence that would discourage illegal activity. In a sense, we are taking the enforcement to them rather than reacting to the crimes they may commit. We are fairly certain we interrupted several robberies in the planning stages Thursday night. That was a huge achievement. I have thanked and congratulated all participants in the operation."

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