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State lawmakers to consider letting college students carry guns


State lawmakers are back at work now, the Georgia legislature in session as of today. One law legislators will consider again this year is whether or not to allow guns on state college campuses.

Gun advocates say students should be able to protect themselves. But those against guns at school say it just creates more problems.

Robert Eager of the Students for Concealed Carry chapter at Georgia Tech thinks the bill has a good chance of passing into law this year. Eager said it's necessary because students are prime targets for criminals.

"Students are carrying expensive equipment to and from class and going to labs and the library late at night and are prime targets for criminals because they're unable to defend themselves," Eager said.

Some Georgia Tech students who spoke to CBS Atlanta reporter Donna Rapado are split on the issue.

Anna Arnau said she can see how it's sometimes beneficial to carry a concealed weapon on campus. "As a female in the Georgia Tech community, there is a big problem. Like I'm afraid to leave the library at night and walk back to where I live."

Yet another female student said she believes carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds will only escalate any problems. "I don't think it'll be wise just 'cause sometimes it's, you know, the weekend and people go crazy and drink and something crazy might happen just because guns are being introduced," explained Abi Emmanuel.

Chunghee Kim agreed with Emmanuel. "I feel like it will make it a lot more dangerous because just the fact that there's something that you could shoot with. If it's there, you know, you're going to use it," he said.

Charles Hughes said it's important students have a means of protection. "But that being said, I'd like to see it go to people with permits, people who went through the course and got a license and all," he said.

Georgia lawmakers nearly passed a concealed carry bill for students at state colleges last year. The House of Representatives quickly passed the bill. But the Senate was not quick enough, the bill stalling just before session ended.

They will consider the issue again soon despite the College Board of Regents disapproving any law letting students legally carry a gun.

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