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Columbus Crime Prevention hits the streets for 2014


"We're trying to get it out through grass roots, through the churches and community leaders that we've got to put an end to this to some extent,"explains Director of Crime Prevention Seth Brown.

He's talking about putting an end to the rash of larceny, burglaries and robberies throughout Muscogee County. In 2009, a crime prevention office was created by the city to reverse the rising trend in crime.

In 2010, more than $800,000 of local option sales tax or L.O.S.T. dollars were awarded to the group to create programs to do just that.

He says, "those programs consist of what we call accountability corps like the mental health corps, the juvenile drug corps, the adult drug corps. They consist of the Columbus Tech program, which is a re-entry program for felons--non-violent felons."

But is it really working? Columbus Crime Prevention director Seth Brown and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson claim the programs have had a positive impact in reducing violent crimes for the first time. Plus, there is a lower number of recurring offenders in the Fountain City. Still, the work is far from over.

Brown adds, "This year, or 2013, was bad on murder, obviously."

So Brown and civic leaders are joining forces by taking the programs and solutions to problem areas in the community with the hope of continuing to decrease crime in the Fountain City.

"We still have crime. So, we have a lot of work to do, and we'll continue to beat the streets and work with those programs that are going to make those things happen," Brown tells us.

If you would like to learn more about the crime prevention plans or how you can help out, head to

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