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Aspiring pilot not discouraged by helicopter accident

Pilots run through Ryan Rossiter's blood. Pilots run through Ryan Rossiter's blood.

The military community is grieving after a Blackhawk helicopter made a hard landing on Hunter Army Airfield, killing one and injuring two others.

A senior at Benedictine Military Academy says this accident hits close to home. Not only does he have family members who are helicopter pilots, but he wants to fly them one day as well.

"I have a brother-in-law and he's in the Army and he flies helicopters, and it kind of scares me because pilots run through my blood now," said Ryan Rossiter.

Rossiter is a military student at Benedictine and says he's been studying what it takes to be a pilot.  

"My brother-in-law actually told me that he spent about a year just learning the basics of flying a helicopter," said Rossiter.  "Awful to hear that one went down and someone lost their life."

He says this accident at Hunter is not going to stop him from pursuing his dreams of being a pilot one day.

"I want to serve my country, and I want to do something for other people, and I feel like I can help and that's all I wanted to do," said Rossiter.

Several retired military pilots did not want to speculate on the accident but they said with flying comes many risks and many factors that come into play.

One pilot said there are never two accidents that are the same.

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