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Affordable Care Act ad campaign and pre-existing health conditions


President Obama's new Get Covered ad campaign features Magic Johnson speaking about the importance of having quality insurance. "I probably would've been dead. So, I'm glad that I had good health insurance, a good plan," he says. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, every American making less than $42,000 a year qualifies for a health plan with or without pre-existing medical conditions.

"So pre-existing conditions and worries about pre-existing conditions, including HIV and AIDS, is actually a thing of the past," explains Jeff Graham with Georgia Equality.

The president's new campaign aims to educate and enroll people between ages 18 and 34 on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. This demographic also ranks high in new HIV infection in the state of Georgia.

Graham adds, "Between the ages of 18 and 29, you have close to 1,200 new HIV infections every year."

Local HIV/AIDS foundations claim the ACA will help get and continue treatment for infections.

"People living with HIV have had to come across a hurdle for so many years that they couldn't get health insurance, which prevented a lot of them from being able to complete work or anything else. And having to go through the Ryan White program, which a lot of them still do today. Now, with this new policy, it's ground breaking. It changes the way we take care of our citizens in this country," says Jeremy Hobbs with the Chattahoochee Valley Better Way Foundation.

Hobbs tells us his only concern with the Affordable Care Act is the lack of education about the plans being offered. He continues, "For the last two years, we've had so many people talking about it and talking about it, and telling us we could keep our doctors. Now we're finding out they can't keep their doctors."

Hobbs says he believes confusion prompted the president to take a different approach in his efforts to educate and enroll more people in the Affordable Care Act.

Hobbs tells us they are still trying to figure out the specifics of the policy changes, but he thinks getting celebrities with health problems to support the movement is a step in the right direction.

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