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Drug agents say meth is coming back


People fed up with drug activity are helping drug agents in Thomas County get suspected dealers off the streets.

Agents made multiple arrests in one night, thanks mainly to tips from concerned citizens,  and agents are seeing more methamphetamine on the streets.

Haiylee Prince, Hubert Hatcher, Shanda Thompson, Kevin Luke, Arnoldo Gonzales, Vincent White, Austin Miller, and Terry Garland are all facing drug charges after their arrests Wednesday night.

"Meth is coming back it's making a rise but it's not just in our community," said drug agent Kevin Lee.

Kevin Lee says it's uncommon to make that many arrests related to methamphetamine in one day, but he says there is a reason the drug is showing up more on the streets.

"It's more addicting that's why you see the meth making a rise in numbers and amounts that we see," said Lee.

Drug agents say it's a growing problem and more and more they're seeing people come into Thomas county to distribute the meth. Tips from those in the community are helping keep the streets of Thomas County clean.

"Later in the day we received information that a couple of females would be delivering some ice, we set up surveillance they came to the location, they pulled up and in a cigarette container we found the ice," said Lee.

Terry Garland and Shanda Thompson are now charged with possession of meth with intent to distribute. Garland is also charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. Miller, Prince ,White, and Gonzales are also charged with meth possession.

"We're seeing a lot of big time heavy seizures of ice in America," said Lee.

While the quantities that they confiscated didn't account for much more than a half ounce of ice each, they want to keep the drug out of the county.

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