WTVM 01/18/14 Editorial: Bad choices behind the wheel

WTVM 01/18/14 Editorial: Bad choices behind the wheel

(WTVM) - The case of an 18-year-old Columbus teen accused of hitting a man on a scooter, dragging his body for over a mile, and causing multiple injuries including the loss of his arm is a stunning story of bad—very bad choices.

Police charged the teen with hit and run, reckless driving, not having a license or insurance, and with switching the license plate on the vehicle.

A court will decide if he is guilty of the charges. What we can do is seize upon the story as a teachable moment.

We urge the parents of any driving-age child to sit down, and speak openly to them about their responsibilities behind the wheel.

Many, if not most, accidents can be avoided by teaching defensive driving skills.

Many states, including Georgia and Alabama, mandate how many people can be in a teenager's car, and what time of day they must be off the road.

Sadly, that is not enough.

Learning to drive well requires good citizenship and character, and the maturity to handle what amounts to a two ton deadly weapon on the road.

If a teenager is not ready, it's the parents job to take the keys and keep the rest of us safe.

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