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Father of Michael George says final goodbye


Family and friends of a man who disappeared nearly two years ago finally had the chance to lay him to rest Saturday.

Investigators said the remains of Michael George were found in a wooded area near Gaston in December.

Now that his son is home, Gary George said he can stop worrying about Michael, and start helping other families.

"There's no closure with a child passing," George said. "It's always a hurt or a pain."

A dad who wishes he wasn't reading a poem about his son, outside of a funeral home.

"On the inside, I'm just as torn up as anybody else," George said.

Gary planned out every minute of the funeral service.

"You can't put a lifetime in an hour, but I did the best I could," he said.

He has things planned down to the second.

"I even put a note for the pastor, saying, speak no longer than 5 minutes," George said.

Michael George's remains were found on Dec. 16, nearly two years after he was last seen.

When Gary got the news his son had been found, he said, he was numb.

"If you can picture seeing a real bad accident, you don't actually have a feeling on it initially," he said.

This isn't the end of the journey for Gary. He's going to help other people now.

"I can stop focusing on looking for my son because I know where he's at now," George said. "I can focus on moving all the roadblocks that get in the way of families trying to find their loved ones."

He says he's not mad anymore.

"My anger pretty much fell away," George said.

He's just happy he can give his son the goodbye he deserves.

Gary George wants a website to be created, listing all missing people.

He said this would be a huge help to families and could help investigators, too.

He hopes to get a group of people together, to talk with lawmakers about making the website happen.

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