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Police investigate disappearance, rape of Columbus woman


Columbus police announce a missing woman has been found, but not before enduring a horrifying experience during her disappearance.

Police said the victim, who was originally reported missing, is a woman in her 30s.  

Investigators are still sorting out the details but they were able to give a brief description of what they are working on.  

It was a very emotional and tense scene at the address where the victim met with police to tell them her story.    

One man, who appeared to be a relative of the victim, was visibly upset when he found out what happened.  

The address where police took her statements is not the place where this crime is supposed to have occurred.

The victim tells police she was raped at a location somewhere in East Columbus. Police say they are still trying to figure out exactly where.

Information from the original 911 call suggests police may be looking for three suspects.

The investigation is still in its earliest stages, and we are awaiting answers to many additional questions.

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