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Mayor Tomlinson issues 2014 State of the City Address


"There is a buzz and vibrancy that is unmistakable about this city," Mayor Teresa Tomlinson tells the crowd of more than 300 people.

Tomlinson spoke of the growth the Fountain City has experienced under her tenure as the city's 69th mayor.

Reduced unemployment and regaining the title of the state's second largest city topped the list of accomplishments for last year.

The mayor's primary objective was to focus on the future. She adds, "With the possibility of high speed passenger rail to Atlanta, having a city village community on the riverbanks of the Chattahoochee River, having a fully renovated and renaissanced South Columbus and ending homelessness in Columbus as we know it."

The mayor explained her plan to convert Columbus into a thriving hub by raising $360,000 of private money to fund a study on the feasibility of The High Speed Passenger Rail line. She says, "A high speed electric train with top speeds of 150-220 mph up I-185 to I-85."

The train would take just 61 mins. to get to Atlanta and cost $41 to ride one way. According to Tomlinson, the electric express rail will rake in millions in ticket sales and other associated costs, and create a minimum of 11,000 jobs for the Chattahoochee Valley.

This is a plan the mayor's council supports.

City Manager Isaiah Hughley tells News Leader 9, "We're making great progress. It's a project that's out a ways, as you heard her mention, some 16 years. We're moving forward with that. We've jumped ahead of many other cities."

All in effort to keep the city moving forward and growing.

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