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EXCLUSIVE: 64-year-old woman robbed by mob, teeth stolen


An East Alabama woman says she was attacked by a group of teenagers and her purse stolen while leaving a drug store.  It happened at the CVS on Manchester Expy in Columbus.

The elderly woman spoke exclusively with News Leader 9, and says she lost more than her money.

"It was like a swarm of bees coming around the corner. They were all around me. They were behind me, on the side of me, and in front of me," the 64-year-old victim recalls.

The victim, who lives in Smith Station, said she goes to the CVS on Manchester Expy in Columbus often to catch up on the latest sales. However, on Monday night the bargain hunter became the haunted.

"I [was leaving the store]. I had my purse over my arm and I was holding the [cart]. This one guy said, ‘Hey! Y'all stop now. Y'all let this nice lady by.' I turned around to say thank you and he snatched my purse and they ran," the victim said.

A witness says it was at least a dozen teens involved in the snatching. According to reports the mob ran towards 2nd Ave. The victim says they got away with her purse, bill money totaling $620, and her smile.

" I had just taken my teeth out of my mouth. I'd just gotten off of work, and I [took] my teeth out of my mouth, and I put them in a sandwich bag, and I dropped them down in my purse," the victim sobbed.

She chased after the boys but could not catch them. She said a customer saw what was happening, and jumped in his truck to chase after the suspects.

According to Columbus Police, the witness, a Columbus man, chased the mob but lost track of them.

"The witness... saw the whole thing and followed the group to Meritas Dr. where they all split up, and went in different directions," responding officers report.

"My daughter's two prescriptions were in there," the victim claimed.

"What kind of prescription where they?" reporter Brittany Dionne asked.

"Adderall and pain pills, both are gone," the victim responded.

Columbus police report CVS's surveillance cameras were rolling the entire time, but the cameras only capture the suspects from the waist down.

At this time, the victim says she doesn't have a replacement pair of dentures. She says she lives off of a social security check, and works part-time as a maid.



As of Tuesday evening, we learned the victim's purse was found shortly after the story aired. The black leather purse was discarded in the backyard of a house on 43rd St., according to the victim. Fortunately, the victim's teeth were inside, but she reports they were broken. The thieves also left behind her wallet with her ID and debit cards inside. The money and the medications were not found.  



WTVM News Leader 9 would like to thank two of our viewers who have offered to help the victim with her teeth--Frank Dillman and Dentist Jack Buchanan.

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