Be There: "No Name Calling Week" encourages words of kindness

Be There: "No Name Calling Week" encourages words of kindness

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "No Name Calling Week, Celebrate Kindness" is the focus for middle school students at Fort Service Learning Magnet school this week.

The school started the program 5 years ago, formerly called, "No Name Calling, Only Compliments."

Seventh grader Mia Reese recalled the positive impact the concept is having on others.

"Kids who are normally not as nice, they are getting a little bit nicer," Mia said.

Mia also added that the special week helps to curb bullying and gives students an opportunity to be kind to others for their good deeds.

Principal Sonja Coaxum explained how the strategies are a conduit for Character Education and Conflict Resolution.

"It shows the impact of our students being aware, more sensitive and embracing one another and helping one another--because those are the citizens that we want to graduate from our great school," Coaxum said.

Mia's parents also think the No Name Calling Week will have lasting effects on students.

"It teaches kids a lot of tolerance especially at this age who are going through a lot and will have an opportunity to be bullied or participate in bullying," said Richard Reese, Mia's Father, who also teaches and coaches at Carver High School. "It's important that she and the other students participate because it becomes repetition."

Her mother is also an educator at J. D. Elementary School.

The idea of a "No Name Calling Week" originated in 2004. It was inspired by a novel for teenagers called Misfits by James Howe.

The school has different activities planned throughout the week re-enforcing the concept of No Name Calling.

One activity was during the morning announcements—each student is asked to turn to their neighbor and say something kind.

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