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NOPD investigates violent beating, armed robbery in the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The NOPD says surveillance video is turning out to be extremely helpful in solving a series of violent crimes in the French Quarter.

"We have over 1,200 cameras in the Eighth District, so a lot of cases we're able to solve through the aid of surveillance video," says Sgt. Ernest Luster.

Monday morning at 3 a.m., cameras were rolling near the intersection of Ursulines Avenue and Burgundy Street when a man was approached by a gunman. Police say the armed man demanded the victim's property.

The victim tells FOX 8 that he handed over his wallet, cell phone and pocket knife, and then began to fight with the robber. That's when the suspect started stabbing the victim with his own knife.

"He pointed a gun at me. He said, 'give me everything you've got.' I gave him my wallet, cell phone, and I also had my pocket knife in my pocket. As he took that, I started to go after his gun and we started wrestling around. Somehow, he was able to get the knife open and he cut me a few times," says the victim.

The victim tells FOX 8 that he chased the suspect for a few blocks but eventually collapsed from a loss of blood.

The suspect got away.

Police say the suspect later got into an altercation inside a bar on St. Claude Avenue, where he used the victim's pocket knife to stab another person in the hand.

"We've got good surveillance video of his face, and through Crimestoppers and the public's help, we were able to acquire a name of the suspect," says Sgt. Luster.

Police say they'll release the suspect's name and picture soon.

On Tuesday just after midnight, investigators were called to the scene of a beating in the 800 block of Conti Street. In this case, musician Doug Potter was walking to his car after finishing  work at Café Beignet.

Police say Potter got into an argument with a man outside the Last Call bar when the man began beating Potter.

"The incident started with one perpetrator and then a second man joined in and the victim suffered severe injuries. We do have surveillance video of the suspects as they walked away from the scene," says Luster. "We have a suspect in this case, but I don't want to release his name because we have to confirm that this is the suspect we have. But we are looking to make an arrest in this case pretty soon."

Potter was severely beaten and is in a coma at the hospital. His friends say he's a sweet man who didn't deserve what happened to him.

Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward in both of the cases. If you know anything that could help police, call (504) 822-1111.

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