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MORE DETAILS: Dawson mayor shot six times, now speaks out

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At age 24, Christopher Wright is one of the youngest mayors in Georgia, and was frequently in headlines last fall for being shot six times on Halloween. Now, he's speaking out about what happened that night.

"I told the operator, ‘This is Mayor Wright. I've been shot down at my house,'" he recalls.

Two masked men ambushed Wright when he arrived at his family's home.

"I saw someone bust down the door, and they got my attention by yelling, ‘Hey!' And they opened fire on me four times. I was shocked. I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. I was like, ‘This is how I'm going to die.' After crying out a couple of times, I heard footsteps running back toward me. The gunman, he came, and he stood over me, and he shot me twice more."

Wright spent 24 days in the hospital and miraculously survived, going home after an additional two weeks in rehab.

Later, he learned his mother was also in the home at the time of his shooting. She had been tied up, and hit repeatedly. Wright's mother is physically well now, though emotionally scarred.

"I do live in fear. I do," says Wright. "The assailants haven't been caught, and I have no idea who this was."

Neither does the GBI, according to Wright. He says the investigation turned to him.

"They interrogate me as if I brought this on myself. They implied maybe I was involved in illegal drugs or some sort of love triangle. I thought that was a bit absurd. I told them to come talk to me when you find out who it is," Wright says.

Right now, he's concentrating on his recovery. Wright says one bullet still inside him.

He is more determined now than ever, and has this message for the attackers: "May the Lord have mercy on you, because if they are not brought to justice on this side, on the other side, they surely will."

Mayor Wright looks forward to 2014, and says he's truly blessed to be alive.

"I would like to imagine that the Lord dispatched his angels to come, and patch me up, and put me back on the battlefield, and I'm ready. I remember my grandma used to say, ‘I'm gonna run on and see what the ends gonna be.'"

Wright says the investigation on his case has come to a standstill. We have put a call in to the GBI, and so far, our call has not been returned.

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