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Phenix City mayor gives State of the City Address


Last year, Mayor Eddie Lowe and his council said they wanted their new slogan to be, "Positively Phenix City," and in keeping with that phrase, the Mayor says the city's financial outlook is exactly that- a positive one. 

Regardless of whether the news is good or bad, Lowe says it is important that citizens know the numbers in the name of transparency. "Because at the end of the day, it's about the finances. And we can't operate, and give to our community, if we don't manage the money," says Lowe.

The Mayor announced the city's credit rating has increased, and now it's on the same level as the state of Alabama at AA-. 

Phenix City also has 68 cents of cash available for every dollar of debt, and according to Lowe, that is a strong position considering their current cash flow. Right now there is no need for Phenix City to borrow any additional money.

We asked the mayor which of the many development projects on the city's calendar he's most excited about.

He says, "Third Avenue, of course. That's where Troy is coming, that's where the hotel is coming. We're going to do some work on that. We're going to change that landscape. That is the most critical part in Phenix City right now, because one day, hopefully, that trek of 1.9 miles, we need to start filling in so it can be a trek for people to enjoy walking, and not realize that they've walked it. That's the goal. That's the long term plan. We're hoping that's what Homage Park does."

Homage Park will be home to a new American Legion post, and will honor all five branches of the military.

Other issues mentioned at tonight's meeting were the series of resurfacing and widening projects both in progress, and completed.

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