WTVM 1/24/14 Editorial: Should Georgia legalize medicinal marijuana?

WTVM 1/24/14 Editorial: Should Georgia legalize medicinal marijuana?

(WTVM) - The Georgia legislature is being lobbied hard by parents of children who may benefit from access to medical marijuana.

It's a touchy subject because Governor Nathan Deal worries it could push the state down a slippery slope leading to recreational marijuana legalization.

That's a valid concern.

But make no mistake-- if Georgia legalizes marijuana for medicinal purposes, no patient and no child will be smoking pot.

Marijuana with high concentrates of a property called CBD has been shown to tame a hard hitting form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome that causes major epileptic seizures in children.

Legal marijuana is known to help control the seizures and is administered in pill or oil form.

It's the better known THC that gives pot smokers their high.

Columbus State Senator Josh McKoon and others are responding to anxious parents by calling for research and Senator Allen Peake of Macon wants a bill now to authorize use of medical marijuana high in CBD.

We believe if medical marijuana will ease the suffering of epileptic children or people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions, it must be explored.

But lawmakers will have to craft a strong law that helps patients, but holds the line at only medicinal use of the drug.

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