Are college degrees worth it?

Are college degrees worth it?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Four in ten recent college graduates in America said they were underemployed or working in jobs that do not require college degrees.

That means about 41 percent of college graduates are working in fields that do not need degrees, according to Accenture's 2013 College Graduate Employment Survey.

While some may feel that college degrees may not be worth the tuition fee, student loan and time, Emily Layton, manager of the Goodwill career center in Columbus, Ga., explained that college degrees are indeed important.

"When you don't have a college degree, you are going to reach a limit in moving up," Layton explained. "You may not get promoted or get higher income."

Layton said Goodwill has programs to help people attain G.E.D's if they haven't graduated high school. Goodwill also helps people find ways to attain bachelor's, associates or certificates since many employers still look for degrees when hiring employees.

"It's very limiting to say that you don't need a degree," Layton said. "You will be limited with how and where you can move."

Layton explained that some college graduates who did not end up with jobs may have forgotten to do few things.

"Just because you have a degree does not mean that you're going to walk into an executive level position," Layton added.

Internship, volunteer or job experience is important. Work history enhances resumes and allows people to gain desirable skills that many employers seek. In addition, people often do not know how to make their resumes stand out.

Organizing and polishing resumes are important. Presentation, outfits and confidence are just as important in scoring jobs. Also, networking with variety of companies and employers will help with getting jobs as well.

"You need to pay your dues and show your employers you work hard," Layton said. "That's what resumes and work history shows. You are passionate about your goal. You intern, volunteer and do what you can to learn and grow. Employers want go-getters."

Layton also says social media plays a huge role in helping people find jobs as well. Learning how to make wesbites and using LinkedIn to promote oneself is important.

"Employers nowadays are looking at social media," Layton said. "LinkedIn, websites, Facebook are important since companies use them as well. Also, this is how people connect and find each other."

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