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Thawing the car & making the most of a snow day

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Some people had reason to venture out, despite the freezing weather, and most struggled to get where they were going on the roads, or at least found that it took longer.
For those using their vehicle, it took some preparation to de-ice the outside of the vehicle in order to open the doors and defrost the windshield.

If you needed to hit the gas station, it seemed like the freezing temperatures were causing problems with the technology. There were frozen credit card key pads and gas caps on vehicles frozen shut.

Yet, many of those who didn't have to work or travel too far were in good spirits. Attorney Joe Manuel was enjoying the snow day.

"I actually kind of like it. Why? It's a nice change of pace. I have the kids home from school today, so I'll be taking care of them I guess," said Manuel. When asked how they'd spend the day he said, "Uh, Netflix."

Lot's of folks found a new use for a kitchen spatula: as an ice scraper. They also found a new appreciation for not living up north.

"I'm very thankful that we don't have to worry about it," said Michael Muffuletto. "I guess would gladly take nasty summer days over these bitter cold mornings."

So what if those up north would scoff at what we call a snow day? Don't tell kids at the Lake Charles Civic Center trying to see if the white ground will lend itself to sliding down a hill? Not so much, it seems as they scoot around on their bottoms.

Dad, Jeff Slade, enjoyed watching. "I think they've made it about six inches on each slide, but hope springs eternal. I'd say the potential for fun is about 100 percent, because these guys aren't going to let anything slow them down," said Slade.
"I'll let them try sliding on the hill a little bit more, and then we'll probably go home and see if they can scrape enough off the top of the trash cans to make snow balls."

Still, half the fun is trying and making the most of the day.

"I'm really glad that school is cancelled. I really like snow. I wish Lake Charles would get snow where we could build snowman and have igloos, ride ATVs around the snow," said twelve-year-old Jack Slade.

Indeed, there's new scenery: Icicles hanging from tree branches and a snowy sidewalk leading to the PPG fountain, which seems to be flowing full throttle, presumably to prevent damage to the plumbing. Still, an odd sight to see in the wintry weather that will likely be short-lived. 

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