Snow on roads? Columbus Public Work's got it covered

Snow on roads, Columbus Public Work's got it covered

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The threat of icy roads and snow raises concerns about what city leaders and emergency management groups are doing to brace for the wicked weather.

"We'll have several trucks out as soon as the weather starts going south, hitting those bridges and hot spots. And we'll have supervisors out looking for problem areas," explains Pat Biegler, Director of Columbus Public Works.

Biegler says the plan is still in place from the wicked weather before, taking care of icy spots on bridges and over passes first. What has changed is the potential for one to three inches of snow.

"I've been here two years, but for us here, it's a substantial amount of snow," Biegler adds.

So substantial, that Biegler has put more than 20 Public Works employees on winter weather standby and added sand to multiple flat bed trucks for additional coverage on the roads. But there will not be any snow plows hitting the streets.

"We don't own any," said Biegler. "So, usually nature takes care of that very quickly in this area. The sun comes out, the snow goes away. We will take care of ice."

That includes sleet, which there is the potential for starting as early as Tuesday afternoon.

Come sleet or snow, Biegler tells us she's confident that Columbus Public Works is prepared to handle this winter storm.

"Obviously we don't have snow plows, but the sand is helpful when you've got ice. And that will take care of it. What we've got will be mobilized at out there working," Biegler assures.

Harris Blackwood with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety issued a statement earlier Monday, saying "We are asking motorists to use Monday to take a walk around their car and make sure that tires are in good shape, lights are working and that windshield wipers are in good condition should the winter weather arrive as predicted."

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