Multiple weather-related car wrecks can be prevented

Multiple weather-related car wrecks can be prevented

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many roads are still covered in snow and ice in Chattahoochee Valley, and multiple car wrecks have been reported since the snow storm hit the area Tuesday night.

"Last night I started getting calls probably around 11 o'clock at night," explained Ken Nichleson from K.N Collision center in Columbus, Georgia.

Throughout the night, Ken as bee receiving calls on car accidents that occurred due to icy roads.

"It does well for my business but not for other people's pockets," Ken explained. "I'd say I've served three times more customers than I have on daily basis."

Ken says ditches are a big problem. Trucks, especially, lack traction system and tend to slide and hit curbs or guard rails. He recommends that people stay off the roads when it's snowing or sleeting outside. However, if people have to drive when roads are frozen, Ken advises that people get their tires, anti-freeze and brakes checked.

"Make sure your gas tank if full, in case you get into an accident and you have to stay outside for a while," Ken said. "Also, make sure you steer the same direction you skid if your car starts sliding."

Georgia state officials explained that the road conditions in Georgia will be dangerous for Wednesday night. The winter storm has struck and shocked the South. For instance, the mayor of Montgomery said the mandatory speed limit is 25 mph for people in the city to avoid major car accidents.

Kimberly Larson with Georgia Department of Transportation said that the truck crews will continue to spread a mixture of sand and salt throughout Georgia and Alabama to make sure they prevent big accidents.

"We usually use three to one ratio. Three parts salt and one part sand or gravel since this mixture works really well," Larson explained. "However, we still advise everyone to stay in-doors. Black ice and roads freezing again will threaten your safety."

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