Auburn Public works battle area snow and ice

Auburn Public works battle area snow and ice

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Backhoes fill dump trucks at the Auburn Public Works Department as crews continue to sand troublesome roads and bridges around town.

"We will have a few places that will refreeze and we will have to go out and re-sand, but we're already going out, re-sanding bridges before nightfall just to get ahead of the curve and make sure everything is safe for travel," explains Jeff Ramsey, Public Works Director.

Crews began laying sand around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday and worked until midnight after responding to 50 calls of troublesome areas.

Ramsey said the Public Works department prepared for these conditions over the weekend and even though Auburn doesn't deal with this kind of weather all the time, the necessary equipment is always on hand.

"It's quite amazing how much sand we put down. We put down maybe 100 tons of sand and now we have  to figure how to get it back up. We'll be back out in the next couple of days with our street sweepers getting the sand back up again," says Ramsey.

With warmer temperatures expected Thursday, roads are expected to gradually improve, but traveling Wednesday is still not recommended.

Auburn crews will be on standby throughout Wednesday night to sand any reported icy roads.

"There's no reason to be out on the roads," says Ramsey. "There are going to be some slick spots and we just don't want anybody to have any accidents."

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