Effects of the winter storm on schools, recycling and sidewalks

Effects of winter storm on roads, schools and recycling

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sand and salt are still covering the roads and highways of the Chattahoochee Valley since the winter storm hit the area on January 28, 2014.

With the temperatures rising again, and students in Muscogee County School District expecting to go back to school Friday, News Leader Nine visited Pat Biegler with Public Works to see whether or not the city is covering schools' streets and pavements with sand to protect students from slipping and falling.

"We do not have enough materials or equipment to salt and sand every street in town," Biegler explained. "We've taken care of covering roads and areas that caused most accidents. However, if it is a public street and we get a call about ice, we will go out and sand the area."

Biegler explained that Columbus Public Works has been responding to calls to serve people's needs. While they have received a countless number of calls over the past two days, Biegler explained that the calls have been slowing down.

"This is it. We have been driving around, and most of the roads are clear and dry now," Biegler explained. "We will see more of this happening as the day goes up, and temperatures go up."

Biegler said Public Works crews have been working since Tuesday afternoon, loading trucks with sand and gear to combat the freezing rain, sleet and snow. While workers may not have to cover areas with sand and salt any longer, they have a bigger mess to worry about.

"We will be getting our sweepers out to get sand off the roads tomorrow," Biegler said. "It only took us two days to spread sand on the roads. However, it will take us more than two days to clean the mud and wet sand off the roads."

Muscogee County School District also sent out a statement that explained the schools have already taken necessary safety precautions to protect students from any weather emergencies. As of now, no decision has been made on student make-up days.

In addition, the garbage men could not pick up trash for the Thursday route since the roads were still icy. They will pick up recycling and trash on Saturday for the routes they missed due to dangerous weather conditions. Please call 311 if you have any questions regarding trash and recycling.

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