What the city of Columbus did to help you weather the storm

What the city of Columbus did to help you weather the storm

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the ice and snow melts, the Fountain City is gearing up to get back to business as usual.

For city officials, however, the snow storm has brought them anything but a day off.

"We did 500 tons of sand, 6 tons of salt to make sure that we take care of bridges and roadways and walkways that would be a hazard to citizens," shares Columbus City Manager, Isaiah Hugley.

Hugley says the moment Columbus Consolidated government got the warning about the impending ice and snow, officials met to create an emergency weather plan to ensure the safety of Fountain City residents. The weather plan relied heavily on the cooperation of first responders and Columbus Public Works.

"Public Works has been going 24/7," explains Columbus Public Works Director, Pat Biegler. "The crews would work 12 hour, then they would go home and another shift would come on."

Putting a crew of about 20 workers per shift on the streets spreading sand and salt on the icy roads and walkways across the city. And the coverage took a serious chunk out of the Public Works budget.

Biegler adds "about $20,000 ... So far."

While Public Works was out on the roads, there were many other city employees working to keep you safe at 3-1-1.

"We received more than 2,700 calls -- more than 1100 on Tuesday as it started to come down," Hugley says. "On Wednesday, we received more than 800 calls and today we received more than 700 calls."

Hugley claims emergency calls helped keep the 9-1-1 operators from getting overwhelmed.

But no matter the role city workers played in the plan -- Hugley praises the execution that went into closing schools and government buildings and, in turn, helping to keep the Fountain City safe.

"I feel really good about it and I think we've handled it well," adds Hugley.

Columbus Consolidated Government and Muscogee County schools are set to resume business as usual, bright and early tomorrow morning.

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