Desmonte Leonard trial delayed in Lee Co.

Desmonte Leonard court appearance

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Desmonte Leonard will now face a jury two months later than originally planned.

Leonard is the Montgomery man accused of killing three men, including two former Auburn University football players in 2012. He has a trial date set for June 3, after the State said they would not be ready in April.

"You're always anxious to get things going as soon as possible when you've got someone in custody, but it's such an important case that the additional time won't hurt us," says Leonard's attorney, Susan James.

Lee County District Attorney, Robbie Treese, believes the trial will last two to three weeks and has over 100 witnesses ready to testify on behalf of the State.

James said the defense will hinge on various experts, and will also be made through cross examination of those witnesses.

"We've seen other than the typical evidence you see, the forensics, the autopsies, the medical reports, are statements of people who were there, and I think we alluded to before when we spoke in previous interviews that we believe there are a lot of discrepancies in terms of who saw what, who did what," explains James.

A juror questionnaire will be given to the jury pool to help determine if there are people in Lee County who are fair and impartial to the case.

If not, it could provide reason for a change of venue.

"Typically judges are going to wait until they get the jury pool, see if they can find 12 people that don't know much about the case or the facts," says James. "We think it will be very difficult to find that type of jury here just because the nature of the case."

Two additional status hearing have been scheduled on May 2 and May 28.

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