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US Marshals: Chicago murder suspect hiding out in Columbus


Two days after getting a call from Chicago Police asking for their help, U.S. Marshals based in Columbus have already found a man accused of murdering a person in Illinois and hiding in our region.  

Tremaine Barnes was arrested Friday morning on Columbia Drive.

"It was a relative's house.   That's about as much as we can gather.   The deputies told me he was inside the home and about to take a shower.   He didn't put up any type of resistance.   He didn't hide, which is unusual," said Supervisory Deputy Lamont Ruffin.

Despite getting the tip in the middle of the winter storm on Tuesday, Ruffin said the task force was able to organize, gather intel and lay the necessary groundwork for making this arrest.

Hours later, U.S. marshals apprehended another fugitive, this time in Lee County, Alabama.   The Columbus Police Department has been looking for person ever since a fire on Mason Street that they say he intentionally set.  

According to investigators, 11 people were in the house at the time, including a small child who had to be rescued from a bedroom by first responders.   Both men are currently in jail and will be returned to the jurisdictions where the crimes occurred.

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