Sports bar says the Super Bowl means super busy night

Local sports bar says the super bowl means super busy night

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Regardless of the snow storm and cold weather, sports fans always look forward to winter for one reason: The Super Bowl game. Local sports bars and restaurants expect to make money and attract new customers on the big day.

While many fans invite their friends and families to their favorite sports bars, how do restaurants prepare to serve countless numbers of their customers?

Arlen Mott, manager and owner of Hangers Sports Bar and Grill, says most of his employees had to work the late night shift.

"Football season has been tremendously helpful for the business," Mott explained. "Once people come, they continue to invite their friends and they end up becoming our usual's."

he restaurant serves about 75 to 100 pounds of chicken wings on average on a daily basis. Mott explained they prepared to serve about 400 pounds of chicken wings to serve their customers.

"The Super Bowl will bring us probably two to three times more of customers and profit," Mott said. "I think all sports bars and restaurants can agree that football nights are the best nights for us."

Mott explained that the restaurant has been receiving calls all week. People wanted to reserve best seats at the bar, and some customers came in as early as 1:30 P.M. that afternoon.

"We will open past our normal hours, and we will probably stay few hours after the game as well," Mott said.

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