WTVM 2/3/14 Editorial: Winter storm brought out the best in people

(WTVM) - The warmer weather might help us start to forget the hassles of the recent ice and snow, but one aspect of the storm worth remembering is the kindness extended to cold and hungry drivers with nowhere to go.

Home Depot and CVS stores in Atlanta let drivers stay the night. A Chick-fil-A just off 280 in Birmingham prepared hundreds of chicken sandwiches, which they delivered to stranded drivers. It was an act of kindness in keeping with Chick-fil-A's well-known Christian-based principles.

It wasn't just businesses that pitched in -- teachers and shelter workers kept people safe.

In Columbus and other cities, we heard plenty of stories about residents who came to the rescue of their fellow citizens and showed what true southern kindness really means.

We can show our thanks by patronizing the businesses that came to the rescue during the storm and never asked for a dime.

We should also thank local police, fire, teachers, EMTs and road crews who always do their best to serve others, and did great work during the storm.

It just proved a few days of cold and snow can never cool the warm heart of southern hospitality.

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