raises concern of cyberbullying for parents raises concerns for Columbus parents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Ask.FM allows users to post and answer questions anonymously. This is especially troubling for Daphne Bonds, who claims her 13-year-old daughter was cyberbullied on the site.

"She was telling me about an incident where she posted a pic and she put a little wording on there -- that comment she made," Bonds explains.

Bonds says she saw the post on her daughter's Facebook and warned her about the dangers of social media sites. She says what she learned next frightened her.

"She goes, 'oh on this particular app, you know, I don't know who said it because it's anonymous, but I'll read it to you.' And basically -- I don't remember word-for-word... but it was something to the point that the comment she made made her look whorish," Bonds says.

Bonds tells me she researched the site and discovered that the questions and answers submitted on the app are not monitored. Because of this, she says parents should monitor their child's activities at home. But what about at school?

"There's limited access students have in the Muscogee County School District to various web sites like chat rooms or social media sites," said Valerie Fuller, Director of Communications for the Muscogee County School District.

Fuller says the district has an anti-bullying policy in place, but getting a handle on cyber bulling will take a partnership between parents and schools.

"It's no one person's responsibility," Fuller explains. "Parents have to take responsibility and make sure that the cell phones that they're paying for that they're monitoring what they're children are testing, what sites are they accessing and what comments are they making."

Bonds says she's willing to take responsibility.

"It's not going to go away. So, we've got to figure out new ways, all the time, to make our children safer," Bonds added.

The Muscogee County School District's bullying policy is in accordance with Georgia state laws against the crime.

Valerie Fuller says each bullying incident reported to school administrators is investigated at the school level and handled accordingly.

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