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Alabama Lyme Disease Association makes donation to aid research


The Alabama Lyme Disease Association made a recent donation to Dr. Kerry Clark at the University of North Florida, for the continued groundbreaking research on Lyme Disease in the South.

The volunteer organization, begun by those affected by the tick-borne diseases in Alabama, wants to increase awareness and provide education about the dangers of the disease and support research in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Clark's revolutionary research revealed two species of bacteria, one previously unknown to infect humans and another known to cause Lyme Disease in Lone Star Ticks, in patients living in the Southeastern United States. The aggressive Lone Star tick is the species most commonly found to bite humans in Alabama and other areas of the South.

"Too many patients in our state have been told by doctors that Lyme disease does not exist in Alabama and therefore have been left to find help for the devastating effects of Chronic Lyme Disease on their own," says Kevin Wolfe, President of The Alabama Lyme Disease Association. "Our hope is that the findings from this study will provide evidence to the medical community that Lyme Disease does exists in the South. We are hopeful that this new information will in turn encourage medical professionals in Alabama to become educated in diagnosis and treatment of this potentially deadly disease that is often emotionally, physically and financially devastating for patients."

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