Watch out for ‘missed call’ scam, or you could be charged

Watch out for ‘missed call’ scam, or you could be charged

(WTVM) - If you miss a call from an unknown number, you may want to think twice before calling back, says the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

It says people in the United States and Canada have filed complaints saying they've been stuck with unexpected charges after returning calls from strange numbers.

According to an article by CNN, numbers used in the scam typically originate from area codes in the Caribbean such as 876 (Jamaica), 473 (Grenada), 284 (British Virgin Islands) and 809 (Dominican Republic).

These scams have been called "ring and run," "dial and disconnect," or "one ring."  Whatever the nickname, their goal is the same: to charge you big money without you knowing.

The call might ring only once, leaving you a missed call number listed on your phone -- or a robocaller might stay on the phone after you have picked up -- but then drop the call after a few seconds.

Forbes reports criminals establish the number as a premium service number, so your rate can exceed $20 just for the first minute.

If you are expecting a call from these area codes, you should be fine.

However, if you do receive a random call from one of these area codes, be cautious and make it one call that you ignore. Delete it from your phone log and don't return.

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